Harvey Weinstein Can Stay His Ass in Prison While Appealing His Rape Conviction

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Image: Kena Betancur (Getty Images)

Rapist Harvey Weinstein’s legal team is seeking to appeal his New York rape conviction, for which he is serving 23 years, on the basis of a juror they frame as tainted, Page Six reports. While the appeal has not yet been filed, defense attorneys requested that Weinstein be released from prison on $2 million bail during the appeal process, saying that due to covid-19 and his declining health, the multi-millionaire alleged serial rapist who is also facing criminal charges in California would likely die in prison. Shame he did not consider the consequences of his actions before now. Weinstein’s request for a bail release has been denied, reportedly due to his overwhelming amount of resources and motive to flee the country should he be taken out of his cell.


In October, Weinstein was charged with the rape and assault of five women between 2004 and 2013 in a California court. Prosecutors have scheduled a hearing in December to determine whether it is safe to extradite Weinstein to California to stand trial. Weinstein was infected with covid-19 before he became an inmate at Wende Correctional Facilitym where he is serving his 23-year sentence for 3rd-degree rape and 1st-degree criminal sexual assault.




“...would likely die in prison.”

He’s 68 and looking at 23 years, dying in prison SHOULD be a foregone conclusion for that piece of shit.