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Harvey Weinstein Is Taking a Little Hospital Detour on the Way to Jail

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Harvey Weinstein has deferred his arrival at Rikers Island just a touch longer, making a pit stop at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan on account of chest pains.

Following his conviction of first degree sexual assault and third degree rape, Weinstein was remanded into custody on Monday morning. Justice James Burke ordered him held despite his lawyers’ attempts to keep him out on bail until his sentencing on March 11, arguing that he has a bad back and needs regular shots to “keep him from going blind.” Burke didn’t buy it, so off he went.

Weinstein’s side trip to Bellevue is apparently a “precautionary measure,” according to Page Six, taken after he experienced high blood pressure. A source told the tabloid that though Weinstein does suffer from diabetes and a bad back, he was “faking it a little bit.” No! This from the guy who spent his whole trial theatrically shuffling along behind a walker, only to ditch it when he was escorted out of the court room by security?


It’s not clear how long Weinstein will be allowed to hang out at Bellevue, but hopefully he’s enjoying his last gasps of freedom, since he faces up to 29 years in prison. Just kidding, I hope he chokes on his fruit cup.

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Pumpkin Andy is Orange

It’s hard to imagine what he’s feeling tonight. Full of despair, perhaps not so much and counting on an appeal with a purchased judge, or maybe it’s not sinking in at all, yet, because he’s literally gotten away with this crime a million times and can’t fathom how he’s going to now end up in a state penitentiary?