Gayle King Calls the Shots Now

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In the months following that time we witnessed Gayle King remaining heroically dignified while R. Kelly shouted nonsense at her, she has rightfully taken her place as a morning news juggernaut over at CBS, powerful enough to push colleague Norah O’Donnell out at CBS This Morning.


According to a CBS “insider,” O’Donnell is “toxic,” making life around the morning show difficult and supposedly the source of rumors about Jeff Glor, anchor at CBS News, in an underhanded campaign for his job. I love a story where someone leaking rumors accuses someone else of leaking rumors.

But leaving CBS This Morning seems like...a good thing? O’Donnell is supposedly becoming a “monster anchor,” meaning she’ll get Glor’s job, become a chief political anchor, and still regularly appear on 60 Minutes.

Meanwhile, a different “insider” says King and O’Donnell are still friends because Gayle attended her birthday party, but no one who’s ever worked in an office and been forced to eat cake celebrating a human they loathed is buying that.

The important thing is that Gayle King got the “George Stephanopoulos money” she deserved after that R. Kelly interview. Now we’ll see if O’Donnell gets her “Gayle King money.”

If HBO is looking for writers willing to adapt this story into a miniseries, I’ve got some free time.

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Elizabeth Banks is going to be hosting a summertime reboot of Press Your Luck. I do not know much about Elizabeth Banks, but does she not seem a bit too famous for this? Did they offer her Gayle King money?


I’d like to request the new Press Your Luck honor the original by keeping the vintage Whammy illustrations.


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Actor Peter Mayhew, best known for playing Chewbacca in Star Wars, has died.