Everything's Coming Up Liam!!!!

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Last summer, Liam Hemsworth was newly single and very sad. This summer, Liam Hemsworth is thriving. Or something. I mean, no one’s thriving.

E! Online reports that Hemsworth is miles and miles away from the celebrity sad boy he was shortly after he and ex-wife Miley Cyrus separated. (When I say “miles,” I am being literal, as he’s in Australia.)

A source told the outlet:

“Liam is happy to have moved on and is living a completely different life now,” the insider shared with E! News. “The way things ended between them didn’t sit well [with him] and he was saddened by it all. It took him time to come to terms with the end of their relationship and to process it all.”

“He knows that he is in a better place and that they needed to move on from one another,” the insider added.


Last summer, poor Liam was dumped via Instagram and paparazzi, after photos of Miley making out with Brody Jenner’s ex got leaked. Things were reportedly very dark for the least interesting Hemsworth for some time, though not so much for Miley, who seemed to enjoy the breakup.

Now he has a new girlfriend! Suck it, Miley!

Just two days ago, he was spotted on a lunch date with fellow Aussie Gabriella Brooks. The pair, who proved their romance is stronger than ever, enjoyed a fun day in Byron Bay...

...The actor and his new leading lady have shied away from the spotlight. In March, a separate source put it best, saying, “They can both just completely be themselves and take things at face value. She’s low key and down-to-earth. So far it’s been very easy and fun.”

Nothing better than moving on and forgetting/public revege.


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Ever since the rumors that Zac Efron was going to move to Byron Bay, I’ve convinced myself that he wants to move there to devote himself to his secret, passionate love affair with Liam Hemsworth.

Please don’t ruin this for me. This year has been difficult enough.