Liam Hemsworth Has Filed for Divorce From Miley Cyrus

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Liam Hemsworth has pulled the trigger on his divorce from Miley Cyrus, meaning that their love is officially, at long last, dead. Unless it comes back to life down the line. If Jesus can rise, why can’t the intimacy between the second best Hemsworth and the twerking Cyrus?


But for now, it’s dead, a situation that doesn’t totally please Miley. Per TMZ,

Here’s what’s interesting ... our sources say, despite appearances, Miley had made overtures as recently as this week, saying she wanted to work on the marriage, but Liam was steadfast that it was over. We’re told fact is, Liam’s people said he would be “insane” to jump back in.

Over the weekend, one of Miley’s friends said that now that she was back from Italy, she wasn’t “100 percent happy,” and that it’s “hard for her to be back in L.A. without him. This is not the situation that she wanted. She hoped they could figure things out.”

After all this? Yeah, it’s time to let go, buds. For now, Cyrus is still busy with her friend/(?) Kaitlynn Carter, while Hemsworth went to Whole Foods without his wedding ring. [TMZ]


I love that for Mandy Moore, it hasn’t been 20 years since “Candy,” it has been 20 years of Candy. In my mind, this has been the only song she has ever listened to since it came out.

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I’d find it difficult to reconcile with my spouse if they were photographed repeatedly fucking around with someone else, too. It’s totally normal to feel sad post-breakup, that doesn’t mean you need to get back together.