Creepy Clown With Voice of an Angel Returns With Amazing Sia Cover

Previously: Puddles Pity Party stole our hearts (and our souls — because that is what clowns do) with his rendition of "Royals" by modern-day teen witch Lorde. We laughed, we cried, we watched the video about 78,000 times and wished we could sing like him.

Now: Puddles returns with the most melancholy and beautiful cover of Sia's "Chandelier" that you have ever heard. Yes, even more melancholy and beautiful than Sia's own version. Don't believe me? Grab those tissues and prepare to cry, friend, because this goddamn clown has no right to make me feel the way he is (read: sad/terrified vs. terrified/terrified.). He has no right!

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I hate clowns so much I can't make myself watch this video. He might sound like the voice of God Himself but I will never hear it.