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Creepy Clown With Voice of a GD Angel Sings Lorde's Royals

At first I was terrified — and then I was capterrified. (Which is a mix of terrified and captivated; like when you watch your Fourth Meal Taco Bell burrito get made.)


Actually, I don't think clowns are that scary, in general, but there's something about Puddles that freaks me out a little — maybe it's that he sings so beautifully. What type of deal with the Devil was made that allows a man to sing like a baby angel god. He has no right. He has no right, I tell you!

[Postmodern Jukebox, via Neatorama]

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I want the Puddles Pity Party band to play my my wedding.

Not that I'm engaged.

Or even have a boyfriend.

But it's going in my wedding dreambook. Because he would be a goddamn GAS as a wedding singer.