Watch Lorde Sing 'All Apologies' With Nirvana

Nirvana was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this week and, to celebrate, the remaining members of the band performed several songs, inviting some awesome female artists (Kim Gordon! Joan Jett! St. Vincent!) to take over as lead vocalists for the evening.

Lorde also joined Nirvana on stage, doing a cover of "All Apologies" and, depending on how you feel about Lorde, she either killed it or ruined the song forever for everyone who has ever heard it before or will ever hear it again. Personally, I thought it was pretty great, remaining faithful to the original but infusing it with her own brand of quirky energy. But I'm also a big fan of the over-sized pink suit as well as Lorde's grimaces and body movement. What did you think?

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Sexpun T'Come

With nothing at all against Lorde, I found her to be a strange choice in the first place. I can't hate on people who came late to the Nirvana party (I hit my grunge and teen angst phase a year after Kurt passed) however I see no connection between her and the band, or her and that era of music. She's not been alive for the twenty years Kurt has been gone. Just a bit strange to put a relatively new artist up on stage at the Hall of Fame awards.

If anyone finds footage of, or knows someone who was at the secret gig afterwards, I would LOVE to hear/hear about Kim Gordon doing Negative Creep. Kool and detached, or did she wail? I MUST KNOW!