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Corinne Olympios Will Make an Appearance on the Bachelor in Paradise Reunion

Image via ABC
Image via ABC

As the dust settles from the sexual misconduct scandal that rocked the Bachelor franchise, things are oddly ending up somewhere close to where they started. Corinne Olympios will attend the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise cast reunion, The Wrap reports.


A brief refresher on the scandal that was and then suddenly, wasn’t: Production on the fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise ceased on June 11 after a producer filed a complaint over concerns sexual misconduct had taken place on set between Olympios and DeMario Jackson. In Olympios’s first official statement following the incident, she called herself a “victim;” in contrast, Jackson compared the accusations to a form of “character assassination.” An investigation by Warner Bros. later found that there was no sexual misconduct and that production would resume. In the weeks that followed, some rules changed: a two-drink an hour maximum per contestant was set up and producers now officially have to approve sex before it happens.

Both Olympios and Jackson initially said they would not return to the fourth season. But now, they’ve both stated that they will be at the reunion show, and Jackson has also said he will attend the Men Tell All taping for this season of The Bachelorette. In a bland and very brief statement provided by Olympios to The Wrap, she said, “I am very happy to be appearing on the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ special.”


The fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise, however it will look, will premiere sometime this summer.

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Gestapo Librarian

Is she gonna apologize to DeMario for painting him as a rapist in a failed publicity stunt to boost her own profile?