Chris Evans Is Using His Dick (Pic) For Good

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Over the weekend, Chris Evans, one of Jezebel’s lesser white Chrises and Boston-adjacent man, made a mistake and accidentally uploaded his own dick pics to his Instagram story. Many people made a fuss about his dick, which was not too shabby. But Evans is making lemonade out of this jumbled bag of lemons life has handed him.

In the wake of Evans’s dick pic reveal, many famous people like Mark Ruffalo and Chrissy Teigen tweeted messages of support and encouragement, though I’m not clear why he would need either? He leaked his own dick because he might not know how to use Instagram. We all saw his dick and it was a nice one! But now, here we are: Chris Evans’s backlit erect dong has seen the light of day, and he is using this brief moment in the sun to tell everyone to do something very important.


That’s the spirit! That’s what I like to see. Democracy in action, baby. It’s truly so rare that everyone’s attention is focused on the same thing at the same time, so if any of Jezebel’s other white Chrises want to show the saucisson by “accident” and then encourage people to vote after they’ve done so, please be my guest. [Page Six]

Let’s all consider this item from TMZ about Leah McSweeney, the Housewife I reluctantly love, for about two and a half minutes, which is all the time it deserves. It seems that Bravo is trying to pay her a fairly small sum of money for the upcoming season and she is rightfully demanding more.

We’re told the breakout ‘Housewife’ is holding out for an offer she feels is more deserving, considering what she brought to the table in her debut season ... and she won’t return until she gets it. The clock is ticking, though — the new season’s supposed to start shooting in a week or 2.

Our sources say McSweeney made $3k per episode last season, which netted her about $60k, and she feels Bravo is trying to underpay her with a similar offer for Season 13.

It’s not that $60,000 is a small amount of money, especially for doing what McSweeney did, which was to shake up a bunch of crusty old women whose time in the Bravo sun is limited and make the proceedings a little more unpredictable, and therefore fun. It’s a good amount of money. I would take that amount of money to do what she does, as one of the things I have in common with all the Real Housewives is a complete lack of scruples.

However, when faced with the task of breathing some life back into the franchise, McSweeney fulfilled the brief. Pay her money, so she can buy more sheer bucket hats. [TMZ]


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