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We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Bye Jezebel Fam, It's Been Real

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dear Internet,

Today is my last day at Jezebel, a job I’ve really loved for the better part of almost three years. At this crazy place called Gawker, I got a chance to work in an environment that didn’t make me want to physically harm people (for the most part!) while passionately writing and producing videos about topics I cared about whether they were serious, frivolous or infuriating. I’ll always look back on my time at Jezebel as enlightening and inspiring. That said, I’m headed back to freelance and to spend more time with my newborn, as my husband and I attempt sleep training and try to remember to walk our spoiled dog. Pray for us; Team No Sleep is real.

I’ve loved working with the ladies and gents of the Jez mafia and will miss them much, especially the loopy Slack conversations about random internet foolishness like that one boob. I’ll always remember rooftop drinks at the old (best) office, adopting Matt Hardigree’s brass knuckle mug for after hours whiskey consumption, cuddling with Fig the office dog, pitch meetings with at least six bottles of wine, relentlessly teasing Nick Stango because he’s the Italian Jersey little bro I never knew I had, sneaking pizza into Sweet and Vicious and cajoling the manager to change the music or the television because Jezebel was bankrolling his night so GIVE IN TO US FAM, shrieking after watching Madonna fall down the stairs during the EMAs and terrifying the entire office, and shooting This Broad’s Life with Janet Mock in 10 degrees but being fine with it because I was having a ball.


All in all, being a Jezebel is a fucking blast, truly and I’ve been blessed to be a part of a great legacy of lady blogging. On my way out, here are some of my favorite lady blobs:

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And finally, my shining moment: Buns of Anarchy: A Retrospective of Jax Teller’s Beautiful Butt


Bye, y’all.