Beverly Hills Housewives: "Glamour" And/Or The Recession

This morning on Today, the RHBH cast explained—several times—that their version of the franchise will be filled with "glamour." But they also said the series will demonstrate how these wealthy women are dealing with our current economic climate.


Interestingly, the women on the show (which premieres Thursday) have been advertised on Bravo as having "real" money—unlike some of the cast members on other versions of the franchise, who have lived a certain kind of lifestyle without the cash to back it up—so hearing them openly admit that they've had to cut back (on the number of nannies, homes, and private jets) is at once refreshing and annoying.

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On the commercial, one of the women says she used be really famous (or something along those lines) how come I don't recognize this person.....who is she?