Aaron Rodgers Is Just Trying to Live His Life Following His Breakup with Olivia Munn

I clicked on this bit of gossip about sporting man Aaron Rodgerss “drastic changes” in the wake of his breakup with Olivia Munn expecting it to be a little more salacious than what I found, which was simply evidence of a man trying to live his goddamn life.


Since the football season’s over and he and Olivia are done, he’s been hanging around L.A., and indulging in what sounds like some Aaron-time. According to Us Weekly’s petulant-sounding source, Rodgers has been doing a bunch stuff he didn’t used to do before: getting facials in Beverly Hills, hiring Ryan Gosling’s stylist to dress him and in what might be the craziest thing of all, working out with someone other than his teammates.

“He used to work out in Calabasas with his teammates during the offseason, but this offseason he’s chosen to work out primarily with Nick Jonas in West Hollywood,” the pal added.

Along with Jonas, the Pro Bowler has been hanging with actor pals Ryan Rottman and Eddie Mills, instead of his usual football crew. “One teammate said, ‘The only time we’ve seen Aaron this offseason is on TMZ leaving Catch,’” the source tells Us of cameras catching Rodgers at the L.A. hot spot.

K. Not sure what you’re implying there, but let’s just let this man live his life.

His family sounds like a freaking nightmare, Olivia Munn is amazing and just broke up with him a week ago, he’s been dodging rumors that he’s gay for a minute and honestly, and the man is trying to get his shit together. Or the rumors are true and Munn really was his beard. Or I don’t know! I’m not Aaron Rodgers.

If I may — let Aaron Rodgers live. Thank you.

[Us Weekly]

Photo via E! News
Photo via E! News

Go away, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know!!

[E! News]

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bonjour tristesse

Can I just say the I love Olivia Munn? She seems like a pretty awesome person.

Also, while I was cooking tonight, Pandora put on Seether (Veruca Salt, anyone? anyone?) and I felt amazing while chopping veggies.