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A Judge Has Issued a Protective Order Against Hayden Panettiere's Boyfriend

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The L.A. County District Attorney has charged Hayden Panettiere‘s boyfriend, Brian Hickerson, with one count of felony domestic violence following an arrest earlier in May, and a judge has also issued a protective order barring Hickerson from coming within 100 yards of her.

Hickerson was arrested after police were called to the couples’ home over an argument that allegedly turned physical and reported “redness and marks” on Panettiere’s body. He pled not guilty to the charge on May 23, according to a spokesperson for the District Attorney who also confirmed that a protective order was issued during the arraignment.

Months ago, Panettiere reportedly witnessed another fight between Hickerson and his father. And he also has a record of speaking to the press on Panettiere’s behalf, releasing a statement after the incident with his father that read: “Just to be clear, Hayden’s friends and family are not worried about her at all. Hayden is happy and healthy and so is our relationship.” After reports that Panettiere hadn’t seen her daughter very much since their relationship started, he spoke to Access about her life: “Hayden is actually on a family vacation right now with her daughter and the Champ, so don’t believe everything you read. She’s a great mom.”


This situation is incredibly troubling, and hopefully, Hayden has a support system in place to help her right now.

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Today I got a pitch about all the ways Botox could help keep secret the fact that my human body produces sweat in response to summer heat, as well as popular “alternative” uses for Botox. Now, I kinda wish I’d asked what those alternatives are because apparently, Botox can keep one’s ears from moving.


 Tom Sandoval, a man who is on that show my friends can’t believe I’ve never seen, uses little amounts of botulism injected into the skin above his ears to keep them from lifting when he smiles so that his hair looks better. Or something? Here, you tell me:

“You know what, though, I have done it,” he added. “Just above my ears, I’ve done Botox. When I smile, my ears move up a lot and it keeps my hair from going over my ears.”


Once, an acquaintance got Botox in her armpits to stop sweating, and all the sweat denied the opportunity to seep from her her armpits came out of her butt cheeks instead. That anecdote leads me to wonder what might move on behalf of frozen ears. Someone please pitch me the answer to this question.

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