A Cryptic Instagram Caption Does Not Mean Miley Cyrus Is Pregnant, OK?

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You think fans would know better by now. The tabloids have been burned before.

Just because Miley Cyrus captioned a photo of herself and Liam Hemsworth, “Daddy & Mommy” on Instagram doesn’t mean they’re expecting. For what it’s worth, there are multiple images in the post, one of which is of Miley and Demi Moore. Are they pregnant?


Regardless of the fact that Liam Hemsworth said he wants “10, 15, maybe 20" children with Miley Cyrus “one day,” in a recent interview with GQ Australia, and that Cyrus is “literally freakishly obsessed” with her husband, none of this means they’re expecting their first child. Remember back in January when every gossip mag on the planet reported that she was pregnant and she shut ‘em down fast and furious? Let’s not go through that again.

[Hollywood Life]

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Love is dead.

Not only is 19-year-old YouTuber/Instagram Influencer Olivia Jade having a hard time out here while Aunt Becky, her mother Lori Loughlin, and her father, Mossimo Giannulli, could face jail time over the ongoing college admissions scandal, she’s shopping at IKEA while single. According to Us Magazine, Jade and her 23-year-old, singer-songwriter boyfriend Jackson Guthy have called it quits. Everything happens at once.


An insider close to Olivia said he’s “trying to be there for” her but they ““haven’t been spending as much time together [as] they were before.”:

“Olivia and Jackson have been cooling off for a couple months. They aren’t together anymore, but are still very cordial and really do remain friends.”


Another insider added:

“Whether it be the occasional coffee run or just being physically near her, he’s trying to be supportive. It hasn’t always been easy, given the crazy amount of spotlight on them right now.”


Who are these sources? Other social media celebrities? Can they be trusted?

[Us Magazine]

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