Does God Want You To Be Skinny Too?

The Journey Church, which has four locations in New York City, is using a program inspired by the teachings of Virginia minister Steve Reynolds, a.k.a. "the Anti-Fat Pastor." After losing 100 pounds, Reynolds published a self-help book. Read more »

Crappy Things We Do Before Breaking Up With You

Valentine's Day, the holiest, chocolatiest, and hopefully most oral sex intensive of holidays is upon us, and love is in the air. Except when it's not. Read more »

Graphic Novel Retells Kate & William's "Very Public Love Affair"

This weekend, images from Kate and William: A Very Public Love Affair, the definitive graphic novel on the royal wedding, were released online. These are definitely the most accurate drawings of the couple, mainly because they don't look like they're suffering from second degree burns or numerous bee stings. However, the story left something to be desired, so we added our own dialogue - and you can too! Read more »

Lady Gaga Hatches From Her Egg, Performs At The Grammys

Lady Gaga Hatches From Her Egg, Performs At The Grammys Tonight at the Grammys, Lady Gaga emerged from her alien pod for the first live performance of her new single "Born This Way." What followed was an extremely danceable tribute to those born with a desire to have prosthetic bones protruding from their shoulders and a penchant for wearing sheer plastic raincoats with floppy hats. Read more »

Now You'll Never Own A Home

With the government itching to gracefully back out of the clusterfuck that is the American consumer loan industry, home loans are poised to get a lot more expensive and a lot less accessible. Home ownership is going to go the way of supper club membership, and unless you're a winsome red headed orphan whose pluck wins over a wealthy and soft-hearted benefactor, you might be stuck renting a lot longer than you'd hope. Read more »

Chicago Woman Gives Birth To Own Grandson

While the headline sounds a little Beverly Hillbillies, the circumstances of the birth of baby Finnean Connell were more along the lines of The Six Million Dollar Man. We can repair him! We have the technology! Read more »

New Cash Cow For Big Pharma: Female Sexual Dysfunction

If you can't have an orgasm and you're a lady, then you're sick and you need medical intervention, or, at least that's what companies that stand to profit from your perceived dysfunction want you to believe. Read more »

Jennifer Aniston Has Some Boring Things To Tell You

America's Least Offensive Ex Girlfriend has been making the publicity rounds, promoting the movie with the confusing posters that you keep seeing in bus shelters that, as far as you can tell, is about boobs, friendship, the beach, and Adam Sandler acting befuddled by the fact that he's getting older, and she's got some things to proclaim. Really, really boring things. Read more »

Playboy Mansion Being Investigated By Health Officials

It was inevitable that eventually a disease outbreak would center on the Mansion, what with all of the bodily fluid exchanges that go on in that place. Read more »

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An Insider Take On Porn And Condoms

LA officials are trying a new tactic to try to enforce condom use on porn sets: Linking it to film permits. Meanwhile, an industry-run clinic, AIM, that's a common target of the city has recently re-opened as a for-profit entity under the authority of the state. We asked two people in the industry — Stoya, a performer at Digital Playground, and Steve Orenstein, CEO of condom-only Wicked — for their thoughts. Read more »

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The Great Valentine's Day Underwear Challenge

Ah, Valentine's Day, a day when we're expected to demand diamonds, shell out for prix-fixes, and bedeck ourselves like harem-dwellers in whisps of lip-printed red lace. Read more »

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When Friendship Involves An Audition

This year, more female freshman at Harvard rushed for a sorority than in the University's history. This means both less and more than it appears; there are only three sororities on campus, and Greek life has always played second fiddle to the college's more established final club scene. (Remember that AEPi scene in The Social Network? Well, that was sorta realistic.) But it's worth considering, more broadly, why women (and men) seek out social spaces that will include them - and exclude others. Read more »

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Five Plus-Size Models To Watch

With models like Crystal "Vogue Paris" Renn becoming true crossover stars, and agents like Gary Dakin of Ford+ reporting so much demand that he turns work down, it seems like the fashion industry is finally starting to recognize the beauty of bodies that aren't runway-sample-sized. Here are five plus-size models we think are ripe for mainstream success. We'd love to see any one of them on the runway this fashion week. Read more »


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