Chicago Woman Gives Birth To Own Grandson

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While the headline sounds a little Beverly Hillbillies, the circumstances of the birth of baby Finnean Connell were more along the lines of The Six Million Dollar Man. We can repair him! We have the technology!


Finnean's biological parents had been trying for years to have children of their own, but his mother was unable to successfully conceive. Enter the birth mother's own mother, who offered her own body for her daughter and potential grandchild.

Sarah Connell's egg and her husband Bill's sperm were combined in a lab and then inserted into Sarah's mother's uterus, where the embryo took and the pregnancy continued until little Finnean was born by Cesarean section yesterday. Kristine Casey, the boy's grandmother who carried the pregnancy, may be the oldest woman to ever give birth in Illinois.

While the "my mom is also my grandma" jokes almost write themselves, the birth of Finnean marks an important milestone in treatment of infertility treatment. Under most circumstances, post menopausal women like Kristine Casey aren't capable of carrying pregnancies to term. This procedures success gives hope to infertile couples with the means to invest in infertility treatment as well as fodder for science fiction writers who want to write a book about how, in a dystopian future, the elderly are the ones who give birth to babies. (You're welcome, science fiction writers.)

Congratulations to the family, and may you never grow tired of telling the story of how Finnean came to be.

Woman, 61, Gives Birth To Own Grandkid [Chicago Tribune]



Sweet story but...are we SURE time travel was not involved?