New Cash Cow For Big Pharma: Female Sexual Dysfunction

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If you can't have an orgasm and you're a lady, then you're sick and you need medical intervention, or, at least that's what companies that stand to profit from your perceived dysfunction want you to believe.


A new film, called Orgasm, Inc, examines the commodification of the female orgasm questions what defines female sexual dysfunction. It looks unfavorably on the market interests who stand to profit from convincing women that there's such thing as being sexually "normal" and that any deviation from that "norm" warrants a pharmaceutical remedy.

In order for a disease to be treatable by pharmaceutical remedies approved by the FDA, first it must be declared a disease, and so, the film explains, the mid-90's saw the beginning of a campaign by pharmaceutical companies to get the FDA to declare that Female Sexual Dysfunction, or FSD, was actually a medical problem. Viagra was raking in the boner-making dough, and companies were eager to cash in on a similar miracle pill for women.

Nothing has stuck as a permanent fix for some women's inability to achieve orgasm, and there are some who take offense to the suggestion that female orgasm is a necessary component of healthy female sexual function.

What say you, commenters? Do you think drugs to remedy so-called "FSD" are necessary products that address a real need among female consumers, or is it an artificially manufactured reason for women to fork over more money to pharmaceutical companies? Is there such thing as sexually "normal"?

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Jane, you ignorant slut.

If the majority of Christian religions in this country didn't shame young women into the idea that masturbation is wrong, I'm convinced this would be much less of a problem. Orgasms in men and women are different in part due to the fact that the female orgasm is not a biological necessity. If men don't masturbate, most will eventually have a wet dream, and orgasm that way. There's no equivalent for women (for the most part). Women often need to learn how to orgasm, and masturbation is a critical tool in this. Thus, many women don't even expect to orgasm until they try PIV sex for the first time. When this fails to cause them to climax, they're left feeling unfulfilled, confused, and inadequate.