Jordan Ward—a former model who had to cut her brief career short after she became pregnant in high school and later starred in the season premiere of this year's 16 & Pregnant—is expecting again, according to an announcement she posted on Facebook:

Yes I'm pregnant again. I really do not care if you think it's wrong. I am married, we pay for everything, we aren't living off of family or anything. We pay rent, we own our car, for insurance, pay for food, pay for our cell phones, pay for clothes and whatever Noah needs. And we are moving in a house in August. && here's a kicker.....IAM THE ONE WHO TAKES CARE OF NOAH 24/7!

Ward, who is expecting a girl, has a 17-month-old son Noah. She is the second of the teens featured on the MTV show to get pregnant for the second time, but the first to have a second child. (16 & Pregnant alum Markai Durham chose to have an abortion, which was covered on the MTV special about abortion No Easy Decision.) Ward, however, has the blessing of Teen Mother of the Year Jenelle Evans, who said on Facebook:

CONGRATS JORDAN WARD. She is pregnant again with a baby girl. I think she is mature enough and her and her man are doing very great so they deserve what they desire :]


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