Teen Mom's Jenelle Made Money Off Fight Video

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Jenelle Evans is claiming that she was "set up" in the viral fight video that led to her arrest over the weekend. Evans is saying that Brittany Maggard (the woman who can be seen in the video pushing Evans just before Evans attacked Britany Truett) sold the footage for $45,000. "She told me herself and I got very upset. I cried for two hours," Evans told E! News.


However, Maggard spoke to TMZ and said that Evans was in on the plot to profit off the footage and that it was Evans who called a personal contact at a photo agency to sell the video. Maggard says they only received $5000 for the tape, of which Evans said she was entitled to a larger cut because "you wouldn't get any money if I wasn't famous!"

Either way, the plot backfired because both women were arrested after the video popped up on the internet. Evans must appear in court for charges of assault and simple affray on April 26—but only after appearances on April 14 for drug and breaking and entering charges, and on April 29 for more alleged infractions.

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Video aside, I’m surprised that such a majority of commenters who watch the show have been calling out Jenelle for being a bad/neglectful mother and generally hating on her without mentioning how insufferable Jenelle’s own mother is. Barbara is an incredibly petulant and irascible adult; Jenelle is a fairly normal (from what we’ve seen in the show – the video is crazy) rebellious teen. I have to think that many of us were also rebellious teens who had or have problems getting along with moms who aren't half as maddening as Barbara. She mailed back Jenelle’s college tuition when Jenelle took off for the weekend with her credit card – I dunno, I’d call that a self-righteous counter-productive overreaction. Barbara reacted with rage when she caught Jenelle smoking pot. Same for when Jenelle took Jace out to get milk or whatever against her mother’s wishes. When it comes to Jenelle, does Barbara ever NOT react with overblown rage and condescension? Overall I think Barbara uses Jace as a pawn to express her outsized anger at Jenelle for defying her and getting pregnant in the first place. And I’m just surprised that more people aren’t considering Jenelle’s motherhood and behavior through the lens of Barbara’s custody (not to mention that Jenelle is likely a product of a culture that condemns abortion, among many other victimhoods, I’m sure).