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16 & Pregnant: Twins Are Weird

Last night's season three premiere featured Jordan, a teen who had to cut short her modeling career after she discovered she was pregnant. What complicated matters for Jordan and Brian—the father of her child—was her twin sister Jessica, who was having the hardest time out of everyone adjusting to the changes in Jordan's life to the point where it was really weird and almost creepy. Her biggest bellyaching came about when Brian requested that he and Jordan be the only ones in the room during the delivery, which caused Jessica to have a breakdown. In the end, she was allowed to attend the birth, but all she really did was just stare at her sister, probably thinking, "It's going to look exactly like this when I give birth."


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Delivery room rule #1) If you weren't there when the baby was made, and you don't have a medical reason to be there, you are not allowed in.

So that leaves me, monsieur, my OB and her team, and my cat, Pigeon, who probably isn't super interested anyway.

People get really super-duper creepy about weddings and deliveries when it really is not at all about them.