Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid Share Official Proof of Boning

Well, here it is. The official non-comment from two extremely good-looking people and their rumored relationship. Zayn Malik shared a photo on his Instagram of he and Gigi Hadid canoodlin’ in a photobooth. Sigh, it’s pretty cute. Are they my favorite hot, young celebrity couple?

Though the model and former 1D-er have been photographed “holding hands” and Zayn once wore some very suspicious sunglasses, this is the first time the couple has shown any social media PDA.

The pair has reportedly been dating since November, after Hadid split from Joe Jonas. I wonder if Selena Gomez has seen this ‘gram, yet.


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Image via Instagram.

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How do famous people get into relationships so quickly? I meet someone I can stand about once every five years.