Kelly Stout: He’d be like, “oooh, your va-CHINA!”

Aimee: I think his breath would be very bad.

Ellie: Does Donald Trump’s breath live in Jason Momoa’s mouth?

Aimee: Yes. Because I don’t think Donald Trump knows how to take care of himself hygienically.


Kara: Fuck all of you for ruining Jason for me.

Kara: Ugh. Probably yes. I hate myself.

Kelly Faircloth: Me, after today.

Emma: Ya I want to die.

Stassa: Jason Momoa is definitely going to sue us.

Kelly Stout: What a way to go though, you know?

This poll is rigged, but what do you think?


Last time on Would U?, we asked: Would you have sex with Great British Bake-Off traitor Paul Hollywood? 33.7% answered: “Hell no I wouldn’t! Fuck you, Paul!” 23.7% said “Maybe, if this arrangement involved getting to meet Mary Berry”; 22% said “Maybe, if this arrangement involved baked goods”; and 20.5% said “Hell yes I would! I, too, like the way he says ‘raw’.”

CORRECTION: This post originally misidentified the device with which your 6-year-old brother sets smushed-up caterpillars on fire as a microscope. It is a magnifying glass.