Would You Have Sex with Billy McFarland, Fyre Festival Bro-in-Chief?

Screenshot via ABC.
Screenshot via ABC.

Please: light a candle, lean back, and close your eyes. You are standing on a beach adjacent to a Sandals resort, dehydrated and frantically looking for the inhaler stored inside your missing luggage. A crowd of angry millennials swarms nearby. Above the horde, a sweaty, dark-haired figure emerges, balancing atop an overturned port-a-potty. “Uhhhhhhhh,” he announces confidently.


Billy McFarland recently became infamous for organizing the Fyre Festival, a Bella Hadid-promoted luxury island music festival that turned out to not really exist, leaving panicked attendees stranded in the Bahamas. McFarland previously founded a company called “Magnises” that also, coincidentally, resulted in a lot of people wanting their money back. McFarland has been hit with multiple lawsuits, and, along with co-organizer Ja Rule, is reportedly barred from doing business in the Bahamas ever again. He was born in 1991.

Would you have sex with Billy McFarland, a highly self-assured music festival organizer who had a difficult time “trying to build a city from day one”?

To help you make this crucial call, I asked some Gizmodo Media Group staffers to weigh in.

Joanna Rothkopf: I would sooner go to Fyre Festival.

Sophie Kleeman: No.

Stassa Edwards: Never.

Clover Hope: Can I see a different pic? (Although the answer is no.)

[Different pic]

Rich Juzwiak: Ugh ugh ugh. I think I would.

Aimee Lutkin: I would. But only if he were to spend some of his ill gotten gains on me and we could do it on a yacht or something. Or maybe if we did it right before the authorities swarmed the yacht and they dragged him away naked. That’d be a story I could someday tell my grandkids.

Sophie: His animorph would be a beluga whale.

Julianne Escobedo Shepher: Ew absolutely not.

Rich: I love whales.

Madeleine Davies: Maybe for money. Otherwise not. And it would have to be money upfront because he’d probably try to scam me.


Rich: I feel like it’s way easier for a guy to have sex with a douchebag unscathed, even though I know it’s a terrible thing to do for our overall ecosystem. Sorry ladies, I’m a bad feminist.

Julianne: For my part there are PLENTY of douchebags I would bone but this guys is just deeply unattractive to me.


Rich: I temped at an insurance agency the summer after my junior year in Philly and one of the sons looked like this. And I wanted him then even if I was too scared to say those words.

Clover: Would not because he has a problem with “basic infrastructure.”

Kate Dries: If he had a good personality.

Rich: I’m so hectic inside over this.

Rae Paoletta: *Simon Cowell voice* it’s a no for me.

Emma Carmichael: Ellie — I would not, thanks.

Rich: I WOULD but I probably wouldn’t (but I would, sorry).

Keenan Trotter: I’ve read about Magnises, Fyre Festival, and his other company whose name I can’t remember, and none of them have altered the reality that, yes, I would. Repeatedly. Perhaps this is why people keep investing in his companies. In which case, maybe I am part of the problem.


Keenan: We’d hang out in his bizarre West Village townhouse and wake up every day at 11 am with no memory of the prior day.

Keenan: I feel like he would treat me right.

Please let me know where you stand by taking this poll.


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