Image via AP.

Last weekend, Senator Tim Kaine’s youngest son, Linwood “Woody” Kaine, was pepper sprayed and arrested with five other people during a protest at the Minnesota state Capitol building in which they were suspected of setting off a smoke bomb. He kinda looks like Kurt Russell in Escape from New York. (Right?) So, I asked my colleagues the only question that matters:

Brendan O’Connor: would u have sex with tim kaine’s antifa son

Bobby Finger: i would not

Brendan: need some dialogue

for this blog


Tom Scocca: Who is Mary Kill and why does everyone talk about fucking her

Brendan: god dammit tom

Bobby: i feel like it would be terrible and that tim himself would text me (somehow) hours later apologizing for his son’s lack of skill and thanking me for giving him a shot

and it would make me feel very uncomfortable

Brendan: i just googled Mary Kill

Bryan Menegus: lol

rich: He looks looks tall and skinny and his nickname is “Woody.” All of those suggest big dick to me. I don’t know if I would, but I wouldn’t not if that makes any sense.

Tom: She’s the president of BOFA, Brendan

Brendan: I feel like it would be very easy to get swept up in the romance

of a tryst

on the ramparts

Keenan Trotter: [link to Woody Kaine’s YouTube profile]

Brendan: Death Grips and Replacements

good taste in music

Andy Orin: I don’t know anything about Kaine’s son but he sounds like a nice young woke man

protesting Trump, groovy

Thorin: wait though

Andy: he probably has a guitar and plays protest songs

Thorin: have you read his opinions about FILM

[link to Woody Kaine’s film blog]

Brendan: thorin pls don’t ruin this for me

Samer: yeah i looked up that he went to school for filmmaking

thorin: but he uses the word juxtoposition

Andy Orin: he probably scrawled “this machine kills facists” across his laptop

thorin: i want to find his bandcamp page

samer: he seems nice and i’ll attribute his disheveled appearance to it being a mugshot but i don’t think it’d work out

I don’t know how to make a poll for this blog, so I ask you, the readers, to let us know in the comments: Would you have sex with Tim Kaine’s son? Or should I say, wood you? ;)