Which Celebrity Ladies Have Allegedly Dated Which Celebrity Ladies?

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When rumors emerged last week that model Stella Maxwell is supposedly dating actress Kristen Stewart, I wondered how many beautiful lesbian entertainment industry powerhouses there are to go around in this particular circle. If the tabloids are to be believed, it seems like there’s been some overlap.


An attempt to map out these alleged relationships—taking into account generational connections, social groups, and status—led to a web reminiscent of Alice’s white board in The L Word, though oddly enough I only found one gossip item about actress Katherine Moennig going on a date with Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood. In the show, Shane is a central player for the queer women hooking up in Alice’s community, but in real life gossip-land she appears to be fairly circumspect.

Gif via The L Word.

There is no clear “Shane” to this crew, but at the center of the most interesting love triangle—or is it trapezoid?—is musician St. Vincent, who has also dated Kristen Stewart, shortly after her break up with Cara Delevingne. But honestly, if you are a woman who wants to date another woman in her field or even her sphere, you have a fairly limited selection at the top of the entertainment pyramid—which is not much different than it is in less venerated circles, in my experience. Starting with these main players, we connected women who have been confirmed or rumored canoodlers of each other who still qualify as “celebrity,” without dipping into the off-runway fashion scene.

While Alicia Cargile is, technically, not a celebrity but rather a celebrity assistant, she was the first woman romantically connected to K Stew, and so deserves an honorary mention. As does Robert Pattinson, who is neither a woman nor a lesbian, but who did apparently go on at least one date with French singer SoKo, one of Stewart’s former flames. That’s good goss.

Though both Ellen Page and Clea DuVall appear to have avoided the central tangle, they are included on the basis of being my celebrity couple fantasy. Also in the orbit of our main players are Michelle Rodriguez, Carrie Brownstein, Taylor Schilling, Amber Heard, and Lissy Trullie, any of whom could do no better than to date each other or Stella Maxwell. Oh, to be a fly caught in this web.

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Where I live, the web of lesbians consists of...me. :/ Quite a drought in my neck of the woods! At least it would make for an easy art project, should I ever decide to map it out.

ETA - before I get in trouble, yes, I realize there are likely 10s of other lesbians who just aren’t ready to be out yet, and that’s obviously fine.