What Would You Miss Most If You Were Serving Time for Insider Trading? For Martha Stewart, It Was Lemons

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Perhaps recently you thought to yourself, Oh yeah, remember when Martha Stewart went to prison for insider trading? All of our brains are scrambled now, so it wouldn’t be unusual to have such a thought. Maybe it was followed by, What was that like for her?

Nearly two decades later and we’re finally getting some crucial answers!! In an interview with Page Six, Rosie O’Donnell said that when she visited Stewart in prison in 2004, she asked the now-extremely chilled-out lifestyle icon what she missed most while serving her sentence.

Stewart replied: “The flavor of lemon.”

O’Donnell told Page Six she expected Stewart to say something like “my daughter’ or ‘my dogs.’” Psh!


Harry Styles debuted a fresh haircut this week and fans (“Stylers,” a Google search tells me) are loving it!

In April, Styles, who is usually clean-shaven, delighted when he was spotted with a scruffy quarantine beard. Though he changed his facial hair one other notable time during the pandemic—remember theWatermelon Sugar” mustache?”—his curly locks went untouched up until now.

In a tweet, one fan referred to long-haired Harry as “Frat Boy Harry” and short-haired Harry as “Dunkirk Harry.” (The two genders.)


After scrolling through some old photos of Dunkirk-era Styles, I thought it best to confer with my friend Claire Lampen, #1 Harry Styles fan of my group text, about the new ‘do.


We both agreed that it’s difficult to see exactly what’s going on with Styles’ head, because are his sunglasses pushing back longer hair, or is it really cut that close? In any case, Claire happens to like “Dunkirk Harry” more than “Frat Boy Harry,” if those are the terms we’re using to describe these looks. But she also wants him to find his joy. Same!

“He should let his head live whatever kind of life it wants to have, but personally I suspect the roguish tousled curls are what his personality would be if it were hair?” Claire told me over text. “I just hope he abandoned the mustache. Although I want him to be happy. And if that is what it takes that is what it takes!”


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  • Taraji P. Henson and fiancé Kelvin Hayden are splitsville after postponing their wedding for the second time earlier this year, which they had said was because of the pandemic. Apparently there was more to it! [Bossip]
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I still love me some Martha. I love that she owns that she went to jail; that she, not Snoop, is a felon. I love that she cooks for her staff who are quarantined with her. I love that she is imperfect, wasn’t a good mom, and doesn’t pretend to know it all. I also love that she is absolutely horrible at captioning her Instagram posts or completing sentences. She is a mogul and a person.