Well, Here's 30 Minutes of Kim Kardashian's Beauty 'Influencer' Reality Show

Hmm. image: Screengrab
Hmm. image: Screengrab

Here’s a strange little glimpse at Glam Masters, the Kim Kardashian-produced reality competition show about beauty YouTubers hosted by Laverne Cox, which is out February 28. It’s 30 minutes long—a bit lengthy for a “teaser,” but you know... why not?

Thirty minutes is almost too much time to decide if something is for you or not; it’s the length of a decent meal for one, an episode of The Good Place or a low-stress exercise video done from the comfort of the home. Let’s focus on the positive: Laverne Cox is doing a sort of Tyra Banks homage in her delivery and watching people put on makeup and freak out is kind of fun. Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic is the real draw for me, personally—can the man who introduced a nation of women to contouring a freaking beard onto their faces please atone for his sins?

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Laverne why are you doing it??? You are sooo much better than this trash.