Image via screengrab/YouTube

I tolerate the Carpool Karaoke segment of James Corden’s late night television program. I will even watch half an episode of its forthcoming show. But I firmly believe that the Drop the Mic segment of his television program needs to be its own entity.

Alas, that is what we’re going to get. The AV Club reports that Corden’s occasional Drop The Mic segment in which celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson trade fire bars with James Corden is going to TBS as its very own show, to be produced by Corden and “rap battle expert” Jensen Karp who at one point in his life rapped under the moniker “Hot Karl.” He’s also written a book about all of that, so maybe that legitimizes him.

Anyway! In a surprising twist, the show won’t be hosted by Corden himself:

TBS is reportedly currently looking for someone to host the show, since Corden will be busy back at CBS, thinking up new ways to mash together singing, vehicles, and conflict into yet another ubiquitous online hit.

Fair enough. The segment is apparently a hit, even though rapping celebrities engaging in battle makes me cringe with great amounts of secondhand embarrassment. For a refresher of what this entails, see below.

Maybe this will be good? Hope, it springs eternal.