The World Needs More Singalong Shows So Carpool Karaoke Is Coming Soon

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Lip Sync Battle wasn’t enough. James Corden having one show wasn’t enough. Watching celebrities drive around in cars with Jerry Seinfeld wasn’t enough.


Luckily, the Late Late Show spinoff of the popular “Carpool Karaoke” segment will take all the best aspects of each and combine them into a full half-hour episode. Corden won’t be hosting, though he is likely to make guest appearances, continuing his tradition of being the least interesting person in the car. Billboard reports:

No surprise, the unscripted project, which will be produced by CBS Television Studios and Winston’s Fulwell 73 production company, has quickly garnered heavy interest from multiple players and is likely to result in a bidding war. In success, the hope is to carve out a second window in syndication, too. The current round of presentations, which Winston (of THR’s Next Gen class of 2015) is believed to be driving, is expected to wrap by week’s end, with a host to be decided once a network is attached.


Will Chrissy Teigen be sitting in the back for no reason, though?

The segment has already featured Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, One Direction, and duh, Adele, so we’ll see who else they can buckle in when there’s a whole season to fill. Meanwhile, enjoy:

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