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Watch Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks Kill 'Daddy Lessons' at the CMA Awards

After a day of breathless speculation about whether or not Beyoncé was performing at the 50th CMA Awards, she showed up about two hours into the show to bring the house down with the Dixie Chicks and “Daddy Lessons.”


Beyoncé—wearing some impressive leg o’mutton sleeves and a lot of pearls—and the Chicks ran through a spirited rendition of the zydeco jam from Lemonade. Beyoncé traded verses with Natalie Maines, and they interjected a little bit from “Long Time Gone,” really getting after it. Take that, salty CMT blogger. 

Catch how Maines says “Good job, Bey” admidst the thunderous applause. Agreed, Natalie. Good freakin’ job.


Update, 11:25 P.M.: It appears that Beyoncé has uploaded a studio recording of “Daddy Lessons,” featuring the Dixie Chicks to Soundcloud. Listen! Enjoy! Dance!

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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No Math After 5PM

There were SO many angry tweets about how Beyoncé didn’t belong there and other tweets about the CMAs scheduling the worst performers. Those folks didn’t like Bey being there and they sure haven’t completely forgiven the Dixie Chicks.

Oh well.