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Well, it seems Beyoncé is committed to taking over every single corner of the globe in the year 2016, a plan that will apparently include an opening performance at Wednesday night’s Country Music Awards with the Dixie Chicks. Sure! Okay!

“Multiple sources” have confirmed to People that Beyzus is in Nashville RIGHT THIS MOMENT ahead of a live performance at tonight’s awards. The rumor has been confirmed by two of the most popular and accurate Beyoncé fan sites as well as some pretty convincing second-hand anecdotes.


The most obvious guess is that they’ll do a rendition of Beyoncé’s country/zydeco track, “Daddy Lessons,” off Lemonade, which the Dixie Chicks covered earlier this year.

Still, can you imagine if they just went completely nuts and remixed, say, “Six Inch Heels” into a country song?


Lest any of us forget, this is not Beyoncé first foray into live country music. She performed a country remix of “Irreplaceable” with Sugarland back in 2007 at the American Music Awards.


In a year when Beyoncé has served iconic performance after iconic performance, this actually makes a lot of sense. More importantly, this is a very smart move on the part of ABC which will no doubt bring the show to an audience that I’m guessing wouldn’t have tuned into the Country Music Awards otherwise—at least for the first four minutes.

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