Tyra Banks Promises 'a Fierce-a-Fied Rebirth' of Top Model, Whatever That Means

Photographer: “TYRAAAA! Show us your happy face!!! YAASSSSSS!!”

To make up for the fact that we can’t get four more years with President Obama, the universe has blessed us with a few more seasons of America’s Next Top Model. After being cancelled late last year, the competition that’s turned dozens of aspiring models into household nobodies has been picked by Vh1.


The sad news: this version of ANTM may end up being 60 percent less crazy because Tyra Banks won’t be hosting, but she is still serving as executive producer with her longtime production partner Ken Mok.

Deadline reports:

There will be a new host and judges as the veteran show is being “reinvented for a new generation.” The deal was made by CBS Television Distribution, which shopped the series to cable and SVOD outlets last fall after receiving incoming interest.

What that reinvention entails will be totally up to Tyra’s brilliant mind. “After creating an incredible, global brand, I am beyond excited to have the show reborn,” she says in a statement. “Top Model fans, you demanded that the show come back, and VH1 answered the call. Get ready for a fierce-a-fied rebirth!”

Whatever, does this mean I’m still in the running to be Tyra’s next Field Communication Manager for Tyra Beauty or not?


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