Don't Forget to Smize: America's Next Top Model Has Finally Been Canceled

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After twenty-two seasons, twenty-two makeover episodes and one lace front beard, America’s Next Top Model has been canceled and is no longer in the running for... anything.


Yes, the CW has announced that ANTM has been canceled from your televisions.

By now, Top Model—which premiered in UPN in 2003—has become an institution. In August, Clover Hope wondered why the hell so many people still continue to watch a show of people competing for something they honestly will never actually achieve. We were, as she put it, “watching future nobodies in the making.”


But somehow between 1.5 and 6 million people (depending on the season) continued to watch the wacky photo shoots, with a bevy of countless very beautiful thin women crying about having their hair cut, (even though they always looked better) and Tyra Banks saying, “Congratulations, you’re still in the running to become America’s next to model” an fathomable number of times.

In a now obvious move to get ahead of the news, Tyra Banks tweeted about an hour ago that she thought that maybe season 22 should be ANTM’s last.

Good idea, Tyra. Good idea.

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Kate Dries

God none of these women learned anything from Tyra.