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Toddlers & Tiaras Kid Does Hitler

Illustration for article titled iToddlers  Tiaras/i Kid Does Hitler

Remember Eden Wood, the 4-year-old showgirl from Toddlers & Tiaras who's written a book? Her mother Mickie recently posted this photo on her Facebook page: it's Eden donning a Hitler 'stache. It appears that Mickie has since removed the link.


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Captain Peasant of the Comment Ghetto

So I can sort of understand the scenario of your anonymous kid has an incident with a marker and gives themselves a Hitler stache, and you take a picture of it on your phone or whatever and show it to friends and delete it. Because that's sort of funny in a "Kids do the darnest things" sort of way.

But when you're actively pushing your kid into the limelight. Publicly releasing a picture of them with a Hitler stache. WTF. Has she got her running for Little Miss White Power or something?