Toddlers & Tiara Star Continues Her Retirement Publicity Tour

Who is Eden Wood's publicist? She keeps landing all these big deal interviews since announcing that she's retiring from beauty pageants at age 6. Today she was on The View, where she and her mother Mickie were grilled about their aspirations for her career. Eden, while cute, doesn't seem to have much to say for herself aside from what she was coached on beforehand (she couldn't even articulate what she wanted to do now that she's "retiring" other than express this vague idea about "superstardom" — which, for a young child, is totally understandable). Her mother Mickie, however, came off a little better as this is the first time we've ever heard a stage/pageant mom talk about saving money for her child's college education. That said, Joy Behar was still not having it.


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As little girls, we're given beautiful baby dolls to play with and learn to care for. A part of the appeal of these dolls is that they are usually so pretty - cherubic and sweet smelling.

Eden Wood takes every loving, girly feeling inside of me - any want to mother a princess of my own - and stomps on it until it's a bloody, mashed up pulp.

I'd rather have four ruffian boys, covered in dirt and screaming to the high heavens, than ever have a demonic, blonde china doll like her. She creeps me out to no extent, despite being six.