This Kid Just NAILS Your Favorite Dance Scene From Dirty Dancing

Are you having the time of your life right now? If not, you should just go on ahead and click play on the video above, because this tiny tot nailing every goddamn move of the final scene from that movie where Patrick Swayze had amazing moves/the best mullet is going to give you life. (Unless you are actually suffering from an emergency, then please close your browser and dial 911.)


Here's what we know about this kid so far: His name is Charlie, his mom films him dancing and he may be Patrick Swayze's reincarnation like that one kid from Birth who looked exactly like Sinead O'Connor but without all that lying and creepy Anne Heche stuff. And OK, his come hither finger-wagging? On. Point.

There's one other thing we know: Charlie's got about two days before he and this week's other dancing diva appear on Ellen. Really milk for her freebies, Charlie. You deserve them. (So does the other kid, but his moves are more easily emulated, so no trip to Disney World.)

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ad infinitum

What a crazy talented little guy! He's so precise and so fluid at the same time. Really goes to show how much of this kind of movement in innate instead of learned (as I know far too well—years of ballet classes never made me any less jerky or clumsy).