Every once in a great while, your moment to shine presents itself like a beacon summoning you towards greatness. You have to know how to seize it, to work it and to own it, ladies and gentlemen. That's what this young man here has taught us.


What happens at a local news station in Las Vegas does not stay at a local news station in Las Vegas, it seems. Did KLAS know they were part of a historical star-making performance when they aired this footage? (Local TV news. Making stars of precocious children for decades now.)Surely the show business gods smiled down on this young diva as those cameras rolled. In my mind, he's dancing to "Sweet Child O' Mine" and he is just nailing it.

I wish I could say I had this kind of bravado and knew when to seize my moment. Unfortunately, the last time I was interviewed by local TV news it was after a truck crashed into a business near where I was living. The reporter asked me to describe what happened and I said "it was loud and smash-y" and then I totally froze. Shockingly, they did not use the footage.

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