This 9-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Will Blow Your Goddamn Mind

No one loves playing the piano as much as Adrian Romoff, the 9-year-old prodigy who is making us all look bad for not taking our instruments seriously when we were younger. I'm just waiting for my mom to call me and scream "SEE?" over the telephone as she plays this clip from Americas Got Talent at ear-shattering volume. And she's going to be right because this kid is amazing.

Adrian has already appeared on Ellen and played Carnegie Hal; and he doesn't even watch the clock when he practices. And the best part is that he plays because he loves it and because the world has enough robots and no robot will ever be able to replicate the passion and emotion of a human playing a piano. Yeah, that came from a 9-year-old. A 9-year-old who is going to enter college in two years and take over the world in 5. I, for one, welcome our new adorable. Now I just have to wonder if he and Elias Phoenix will become sworn enemies.


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