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The Post in 60 Seconds

Producer: Phoebe Bradford, Creative Producer: Eddie Costas

Have a party coming up where you would like to wow your fellow guests with your unique take on a book, movie, cultural artifact, or idea? Prefer being told about things to doing the actual things? Want to become an expert on a wide variety of topics but only have so much freaking time in the freaking day? Let Joanna explain it.


In a week, we will all attend various Oscar parties armed with Paul Thomas Flan-derson or Darkest Tower (of Shrimp). But what if you have been closing your eyes this entire Oscar season and managed to miss Steven Spielberg’s best picture nominee The Post? This video will catch you up. (Spoilers!!!)

Senior Editor, Jezebel

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I wasn’t planning to see the Post until I could stream it somewhere, and even then only if there was nothing else I wanted to watch. But now that I know Robert Redford is in it?! Yes, pls. Where do I sign up?