The Lawsuits Against Fyre Festival Organizers Keep Coming

Image via YouTube.
Image via YouTube.

Young people with a lot of disposable income and a huge sense of entitlement have recovered from their sunburns and are rallying together to cause the organizers of the disastrous Fyre Festival some pain in the form of lawsuit after lawsuit.


Ja Rule and Billy McFarland were hit earlier this week with a $100 million lawsuit headed by lawyer Mark Geragos, who has represented such famouses as Chris Brown. On Wednesday, they were smacked with a second suit for fraud. Both were filed in Los Angeles. NPR reports that a third suit was actually filed on Wednesday as well, this time in New York’s federal Second District Court. The new complainants had quite an experience on that island:

Matthew Herlihy and Anthony Lauriello each paid $1,027 for their tickets, meant to cover travel and luxury lodging at the event. Herlihy and Lauriello also deposited $900 and $1,000 respectively onto electronic wristbands for purchases they would make at the festival, money neither has yet received. As well, Lauriello’s headphones, jeans and sneakers were stolen due to the lack of security at the event.

As of now, none of these suits have been certified. If they’re not, it may be that every dissatisfied customer will have to individually file if they wish to take action against Fyre Festial organizers. In a piece on how the group burned through so much money so fast on Billboard, McFarland is said to be promising not only refunds on all tickets, but “VIP service” to ticket holders for the reboot in 2018. VIP service at Fyre Fest means you don’t have to build your own FEMA tent and they give you a pointed stick to drive away feral dogs.

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I’m sure that, at some point, I’ll tire of hearing about this, but not yet. Not even close. Pass the popcorn!

On a bit of a tangent: I realize how it was marketed and some people paid upwards of six figures for their tickets. So, yeah, I wouldn’t want to be stuck on an island with a bunch of douches, either. But the $1k-$3k ticket holders, when you consider that pricetag included airfare and lodging, doesn’t exactly sound like an entitled 1%-er. I’ve definitely spent that kind of money on Girls Weekends and we mostly just blew it on food and massages at locales like... Philly and Raleigh (and didn’t even include hotel).