The Cops Can't Find Any Surveillance Footage of Kim Kardashian's Robbers

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In a curious twist to Kim Kardashian’s bizarre and highly-upsetting robbery that occurred Sunday night, French police say that there’s no security footage of the incident. Sacre bleu!

As we all know, Kim Kardashian was robbed Sunday night by men dressed as police officers who managed to evade Pascal and steal millions of dollars of jewelry and personal possessions. While French authorities are speculating that it’s an inside job, there’s no way to corroborate that it wasn’t, because TMZ reports that there’s absolutely no surveillance footage of this incident anywhere.

Because France is not America, the hotel Kim was staying at didn’t have security cameras on the inside or the outside and, according to sources, the only available footage is from police surveillance cameras. However, the camera in question doesn’t face the front of the building and the robbers were wise enough to know that, because they managed to get into the hotel out of sight. Why don’t the cameras face the fronts of the buildings they are purportedly surveilling? That is a question for the French, not for me, because from where I sit, that makes little to no sense!


As a result, the robbers are still roaming the streets of the City of Light, looking for other marks or doing what they can to sell that giant honking ring they stole. Either way, I hope they find them soon.


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