The Candy Bar Identification Quiz

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Above are the insides of sixteen different candy bars. How many of them can you name? (Finally, a game I can win!) Let's make this fun and turn it into a quiz like in the pages of Seventeen, and dissect what your answers "truly mean" about you:

  • You recognized 0—4: Poor showing. Do you hate sugar? Do you hate America? You definitely aren't one of the types that prefer chocolate to sex. Or, you only enjoy the highest quality of chocolates — and they aren't included on the list.
  • You recognized 5—8: Average. You identified enough candy bars to prove that Halloweens and Easters of your childhood were filled with plenty of sugary snacks. And that's okay, now that we know candy is good for kids.
  • You recognized 9—10: Good job! You've sampled enough chocolates to become a connoisseur of sorts. Reward yourself with favorite brand of boxed of chocolates. You were also one of those kids who demanded chocolate in their milk.
  • You recognized 11—13: Holy sweet tooth, Batman! You crave candy bars so often that you either dream of making love to a Whatchamacallit in your sleep, or you like to bring chocolate into the mix for some food & fucking.
  • You recognized 14—16: Your knowledge of chocolates is second to none. You love your candy bars so much you've begun to tell your friends that eating chocolate is just as good as having a lover, like the woman addicted eating ice cream bars. You also might be one of those people who'd forgo sex for chocolate. But, as always, no judgment here. Reward yourself with a Ritter Sport.

[Photo by Rachel Been, via Slashfood. You can find the answers here.]


Violet Baudelaire

I'd like to debate this. The one on the upper left is clearly a Rolo, and I do not consider Rolos to be a candy bar!