It feels like approximately 50 years ago since we first reported that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were dating. Maybe you forgot about his news because you were distracted by other, more pressing matters or maybe it’s because they’re doing a very good job at keeping their blossoming love a secret.


Reporting on the scant details of Swift and Alwyn’s relationship. E! News reveals not a lot of information in a whole lot of words, breaking up the text with pictures of Swift and her former paramours, including Tom Hiddleston and another man with a beard that I don’t recognize immediately but assume is Calvin Harris. That’s not what you came for, though, is it? You came for the hot and heavy details of how Taylor Swift is keeping her relationship with a nice British boy a secret.

Taylor and her new boyfriend traveled together from London to New York, accompanied by her bodyguards and a lot of luggage. They both wore hoodies and scrunched down in the car as to avoid being spotted. They are “romantic friends” who are trying to get to know each other in private without external judgment.


Every source consulted for E! News’s post swore up and down and sideways that Taylor Swift is very, very serious about keeping her private life private this time. “She doesn’t want the photos, the hysteria, the speculation. When she’s ready, she’ll talk about it,” a source told E!. “Don’t expect this to play out like her other relationships. She’s taking it seriously and keeping her private life separate.”

Got it.

[E! News]

Here’s some news about another couple trying to keep their relationship private without planting like, four sources to insist that they are KEEPING it PRIVATE.

Kirsten Dunst, recently engaged to Jesse Plemmons, is a baby person now.

“I wasn’t one of those ‘I need a baby!’ people until my goddaughter was born. I love her so much. That love is just like … you can’t experience that unless you have a kid. I put her to bed last night and she woke up this morning and said to her mom, ‘Where’s Kiki?’ I just love that. That’s what I want.”


Cute. That’s cute. Also cute is this gossip bone Page Six tossed in at the end, here: ““Kirsten and her fiancé were making out” at Cannes. Nice.

[Page Six]

Update on a celebrity baby that I love.


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