Tom Wambsgans’ infamous one-liner prompted multiple articles rounding up “ludicrously capacious bags” for sale. I now see TikToks that show Sarah Snook smiling and dancing outside her trailer, captioned “Shiv Roy is a whole mood.” (Isn’t Shiv Roy famously unhappy and cruel?, I ask myself as I swipe away.) A tweet praised the M3GAN and Avatar: The Way of the Water posters on cabs in the background of one recent shot of Kendall, as if this was some genius tip of the hat to cinéma vérité and not just the ads the city was plastered with when they happened to be filming in New York.


Perhaps all of my whining here is ultimately just a compliment to Succession, which has permeated a segment of the culture so effectively that even those of us who don’t watch it are forced to be intimately aware of its ups and downs. Maybe I secretly, desperately want to be in on this club, but I don’t get it, so instead I seethe.

I’m sure writing about how much I dislike the way people talk about Succession will just prompt more people to talk about this show at me—like the time in college I told my friends I hated “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO, and so they proceeded to play it on a loop in the house we shared while I was trying to study. That, or I’ll be the subject of more derision from my media peers than I ever thought possible. In either case, I’m glad you all loved this show so much, and I’m also so, so selfishly glad it’s ending.