Then there are the more emotionally devastating nods to Shiv’s pregnancy, like her insistence on the phone with her corpse of a father last week that he not die, that she “can’t have that,” or her utterly gutting plea, “Don’t go, please, not now.” Through it all, she has notably not indulged herself one drink, a single cigarette—pregnancy really is the only explanation.


Shiv’s pregnancy comes as such a visceral shock because of her determined aversion to motherhood over the last several seasons, at least beyond being a dog mom to Mondale. (And even that seems like something Tom roped her into.) We know excruciatingly little about her pregnancy and her feelings about it right now, but the fact that she doesn’t seem overly enthused certainly reminds of her own mother’s reluctant motherhood. This development almost feels parallel to Kendall—or, should I say, Kendall Logan Roy—this week stepping into their father’s legacy as a killer who would knife anyone to hold power: Shiv is becoming their mom by becoming a mom, herself.