Spotted: Rihanna's Fashion Mullet!

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If you can even believe it, this godforsaken year is nearly over, we just have two more weeks to go, and this holiday season, I am thankful for Rihanna! (Yes, this is the wrong holiday to express “gratitude,” but I’m making the rules for me, so what I say goes.)

Rih flew home to Barbados for the holiday, and graciously posed with a fan at a gas station, the moment of which was captured on video, and also, in some bad pictures I saw on Page Six. Tragically, our subscription to the paparazzi photo service Backgrid does not include the photos of Rihanna posing with the fan, but I have done the hard graft of tracking down the video, and it is charming, though brief.


Rihanna is wearing a mask, as is her friend at the gas station, which I don’t think I need to point out, mostly because the most important thing here, for me, is the mullet. This brief video, plus the trend piece I read somewhere on the internet last week and then promptly forgot about, tells me that while 2021 will be full of some good things (Ms. Vaccine), we’ll have to watch out for some smaller horrors, like the return of the fashion mullet, like it’s freakin’ 2007 up in here and we’re all wearing American Apparel for the first time and listening to The Pipettes. Yikes!! I’m not ready. [Page Six]

Hm, I am not loving this information I’ve received about Shia LaBeouf and Margaret Qualley, but it is my duty to present it to you. It seems Mr. Dirtbag was making out with Marg, spotted by the ol’ pappos just a week or so after his ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs filed a lawsuit against him alleging “relentless abuse” and sexual battery. The photos, which were published by the Daily Mail on Sunday, show Shia in a pair of nasty lil’ sweat shorts “canoodling” with Marg. These photos, which are definitely NOT staged and are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT REAL, are, unfortunately, disgusting?? She’s got her leg wrapped around his waist, she’s wearing a sweatsuit, he looks sweaty, they’re “making out,” I don’t know, I don’t love it.

Margaret Qualley, you know how to read, right? You’ve certainly seen and heard the news about Shia. You’re like, really hot, and also your mom is Andie McDowell, also a publicist or three should’ve grabbed you gently by the shoulders and said “Hey, anyone else but this guy, yeah? Let’s find another.” [Daily Mail]

  • If Amelia Hamblin is actually, actually “dating” Scott Disick, I want off this ride right now. [Hollywood Life]
  • Oh no, P!nk fractured her ankle. How will she do the silks!? [Page Six]
  • I love living in a world where Colin Farrell wearing a mask to go to the gas station makes the news. [Just Jared]

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1) IDK if it’s being a Texan and knowing way too many gross rednecks, whatever it is I absolutely loathe mullets. It feels way to subversive, like society is trying to validate rednecks and I can’t morally do that.

2) Margaret Qualley is one in a long line of women that view discordant relationships as ‘passionate’, and as a 37 year old woman who has a history of abuse dating back to early childhood this is another thing I can’t get behind. I get why women would think it’s therapeutic to engage in submissive behavior with their partners, but several studies by the APA have shown that the dominant partners tend to have severe sociopathic tendencies. Eventually the line blurs, and rape and other abuse become prevalent. These (mostly) men absolutely WILL ‘push the line’. Eventually, just like every other woman Shia LeBeouf has victimized so too will Margaret Qualley. I keep thinking of this scene, beginning at 1:54 of season 2 of Doom Patrol, because goddamn if it doesn’t hit the fucking nail on the motherfucking head :