Sherri Shepherd Will Be Back on The View, What a Shitshow

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Sherri Shepherd misses The View so much that she’s reportedly returning as a co-host next season. Congrats?


This homecoming follows news of Nicolle Wallace and Rosie Perez leaving the show as The View continues to try to “find itself” just like you were during your first year in college when you were peeing in the streets after parties.

Deadline reports that Shepherd will be on board for “about 50 episodes” this fall and that The View is going back to five hosts instead of four:

The addition of Shepherd is part of The View overhaul this summer as ABC News is looking to reignite the veteran daytime talk show to its former ratings glory after a turbulent 18th season, the first without co-creator Barbara Walters.

Shepherd was among the most popularView co-hosts of the past decade. She spent seven seasons on the show, sharing a hosting Emmy Award. She left last August after failing to agree on contract terms with ABC. Two months ago, Shepherd returned for the first time as a guest co-host.

Cool, she’ll have so much fun with Raven-Symone.

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