Nicolle Wallace Handles View Firing Rumors By Listing Kardashian Facts

“Even I have a line that cannot be crossed. Don’t ever diss my Kardashian knowledge,” Nicolle Wallace said on Thursday morning’s episode of The View, after Deadline’s Lisa de Moraes noted Wednesday that Wallace was being fired from her full-time host position at the show because she “was not up to speed on the Kardashians and not shrill enough to be The View’s conservative talking head.”


Variety was the first with the news of Wallace’s ouster, reporting via unnamed sources that the former White House Communications Director under President George W. Bush would be downgraded to a guest host role.

Whoopi Goldberg seemed to think Wallace’s soliloquy addressed all that needed to be said about the rumors, but we’ve been here before. Not helping Wallace’s case was the recently fired Rosie Perez, who chimed in with, “You know way more about the Kardashians than I do. I just want people to understand that you demand respect. You demand respect and I respect the hell out of you.”

“I have to tell you, if that was a way to get off this bad boy, I’d been gone ages ago,” said Whoopi re: whether you have to know about the Kardashians to work on The View. Duly noted!

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Ok, two things: Was Rosie Perez fired? I had assumed she decided to leave because she kinda has a career outside of The View and realized the show sucked. But I didn’t really look too much into it. Also, I kinda liked Nicolle Wallace. Yes, the show is awful, but she was the first stereotypical blonde Republican host who actually seemed to be well educated and could speak about her points, whether or not I agreed with them, in an intelligent manner. She wasn’t obnoxious, she didn’t just spout things out because REPUBLICANS so I actually listened when she spoke, unlike Hasselbeck or those other idiots. Though I guess if Candace Cameron Bure is who they are thinking of replacing her with, well educated and intelligently discussing your points isn’t really what they are going for.