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On Monday, Jezebel reported that Norwegian Cruise Lines had quietly removed its employees’ access to emergency contraception. It is a decision that remains unexplained and unjustified, and one that has the potential to seriously affect the lives of its female employees.


While researching the piece, it became clear that for all the coverage about what a blissful/hellish experience it is to be a guest on a cruise, there is a serious lack of reporting done on the working conditions of cruise employees, particularly for women.


Are you or have you ever been employed on a major cruise line? Have you experienced poor working conditions, including any kind of discrimination or harassment? We want to hear your stories. We will protect your privacy. Contact us at

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I remember working on the Pacific Princess under Captain Stubing. It was a pretty nice environment, the ship’s doctor was a perv, but I liked Isaac the bartender. The cruise director was kind of hyper, but it turns out she was pretty coked up. There was some brat running around too, but I pretty much ignored her. It seemed like every week a new cast of glamorous people came on board but the time passed so quickly that the trips only felt like an hour. Love was exciting and new.